Sunday, 23 November 2014

My new HD beauty products;-)

I know that new beauty products always bring joy to us, women. I had an opportunity to get few great cosmetics for better prize by spending points on my beauty club cards from Debenhams and Boots.
First of all I shall introduce you the company Bumble and bumble - Bb. I am going to describe you a good hair product.
This is a fantastic heat/UV protective and styling product. It transforms your dry, dull hair to smooth, silky and shiny one. I use it on damp hair and I style my hair, using only brush and hair dryer. It is expensive product. I had to order it on line from the site: I paid 19£ for 250ml. 

I can highly recommend that product to all of you, especially if your hair is also tangled after wash. It helps to comb it easy. Please, read more about the product and ingredients.

The next hair product I use is L'Oreal Extra Ordinary Oil. I use it mainly on dry hair. It is one of the best hair products I have ever used. It smooths my hair, adds shine and protects. This product is easy to get at Boots. I used to use it in past and it was for coloured hair. This one is for all hair types.

I introduce you my new face products now.

I stated few months ago, that I was looking for a good face cream with SPF, suitable one for my skin. I found Estee Lauder Day Wear with SPF 25. I have to say, this is the first face cream, which does not make my pores clogged and also does not make acne to my skin. This is a great choice and success. 
My face is smooth and no more spots. This is my second product from Estee Lauder. I used to use the eye serum from this company and also I was very content.

I will show you now my new liquid foundation from Lancome.
It gives me a great coverage and nice, nature texture to my skin. My shadow is number 005, the lightest one. I was looking for a great product to give my skin a natural look, also without parabens. Only thing I would complain about this product is high amount of alcohol among its ingredients, which is not recommended for sensitive skin.

My new mineralize blush from Mac. The only one I got from Mac. This colour is called Just a wisp and this is light frosty pink colour, which I love. I am going to buy another one, Peony petals.
You can also see my new beautiful eye shadow palette from Urban Decay Naked 3.
I just love these colours and quality of shadows. I got that palette for only 29£. A regular prize is 37£. As I said I got Debenhams Beauty Reward Club Card and I collected 5£ on it, also visited Debenhams one day when there was an offer 10% less on any beauty product. 

These are my new HD beauty products!

Thank you for visiting:-)<3

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