Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Turning back time at Oxburgh Hall

Today, I decided to visit this amazing place, especially the weather was gorgeous. I drove to Swaffham to explore Oxburgh Hall.
 This building was created in Tudor times. The family still lives here.
 Tudor architecture
 Me on the roof
 The family still lives here.
 Going upstairs...

 On the roof

 At tea room for lunch

Thank you for visiting<3

Monday, 16 February 2015

A walk with spirits at Blickling Hall Estate

  I was here last Sunday. That day the weather was foggy. I took a walk around the Blickling Estate. Now, I only live about 23 minutes by car from that place, so I often can visit the estate.

 Orangery was locked that day. By looking through the window, I saw lemon trees growing up inside.
 I find it very relaxing. Walking here makes me calm, immortal...I always escape here to feel free and peaceful.
The lake belongs to estate. I came here on New Year's Eve to take a walk around, bring my memories back and ghosts of past...
Thank you for visiting<3

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Le Volume De Chanel vs Dior Diorshow Iconic / Mascara

I got lucky to keep two great mascaras in my make up bag: LE VOLUME DE CHANEL and DIOR ICONIC. I tried both of them. I decided to show you results after application each one on my eye lashes. It may help you to make a decision about buying any of them. I personally prefer Dior Diorshow Iconic.

Both eyelashes after one application of mascara. My right eye after applying Dior Iconic, left one after applying Chanel Le Volume.
                                                                       Dior on the left and Chanel on the right                                                                       

Dior Iconic costs less than Le Volume and the container is bigger.
Dior Diorshow Iconic and Le Volume De Chanel


In my opinion Dior mascara makes my lashes more natural looking, it gives them volume, length and also separates them. Le Volume de Chanel also gives volume and length, but also sticks them together making a fake look.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Winter inspirations...

February 2015. I have moved into my new flat this month. New room, new area, closer to Blickling...I have time for relax and cognition. This winter is different than previous ones. I do not know, why?
 Selfie from my new telephone Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, just before going out for a friend's birthday night:-)
 My January 2015 Favourites
 I fell in love in my new earrings:-)
My friend's lovely cat:-)
 Visit at Starbucks
 and lovely Italian food

 One of the movie, I watched in January. It made me feel emotional...
 Casual selfie at new house;-)
 My new mascara, Le Volume de Chanel...
...and Lip maximizer with collagen from Dior. It makes lips really big!
 Yesterday, I baked another cheesecake, this time vanilla one with daisies:-) Yum!

Thank you for visiting:-) Kiss;-)