Friday, 13 February 2015

Winter inspirations...

February 2015. I have moved into my new flat this month. New room, new area, closer to Blickling...I have time for relax and cognition. This winter is different than previous ones. I do not know, why?
 Selfie from my new telephone Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, just before going out for a friend's birthday night:-)
 My January 2015 Favourites
 I fell in love in my new earrings:-)
My friend's lovely cat:-)
 Visit at Starbucks
 and lovely Italian food

 One of the movie, I watched in January. It made me feel emotional...
 Casual selfie at new house;-)
 My new mascara, Le Volume de Chanel...
...and Lip maximizer with collagen from Dior. It makes lips really big!
 Yesterday, I baked another cheesecake, this time vanilla one with daisies:-) Yum!

Thank you for visiting:-) Kiss;-)

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