Friday, 10 April 2015

Inspirations of April...Hunger for travels

It seems that spring brings me a lots of inspirations. I have booked two foreign trips. This month I am going to Dublin. Another destination will be Rome in June. I believe, that it is still not enough for me. I want more and more...
What I am trying to do is to live my life in the best way I possibly can. I work with people with dementia, so I think, I do not need to explain, why? Now, it is no time for sadness, sorrow or tears. It is time to live the best you can. What can come, you never know. It sounds very serious, but is real.
Tomorrow, I am going to play Bingo. I have not played for months. I will also visit my place, Blickling Estate. I love it. I love being myself, my life, places, space, friends, stuff, trips, work...I love my bunny:-)

Last Sunday was Easter. I spend that morning at work. It was the most settled shift ever. After work I went to Bella Italia for a dinner and treats:-) It was amazing meal, yum, yum...
This was my sweet choice at Bella Italia restaurant...
My favourites of last months...

Thanks for visiting<3


  1. Nice post =)
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  2. Dear Kasia!

    I love traveling as well! I think it's the best way to broaden your horizon and to meet like-minded people!
    My boyfriend and I will be going to Canada in summer and I simply cannot await it. Nevertheless I'm already thinking and planning for next possible travels... :)

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Thank you Steffi.I'd love to go to Canada too. This is wonderful country, landscape. Good luck and all the best from me

  3. It sounds like you have a pretty cool life compared to some, plus your bunny is adorable!