Monday, 17 August 2015

Going back to England...

Top: H&M, Skirt: Next, Shoes: Jenny Fairy, Handbag: Fiorelli, Earrings: Accessirize
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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Women and gothic

This is immortal trend in fashion. I love dresses and vintage. This combines everything I admire about fashion. I like black, laces, corsets, frills, long gloves, bows, smokey eye, long hair...
This is a wonderful dress
This woman represents Slavic gothic woman, I suppose. Slavic beauty, long plat, wreath on her head. This is unique, pretty and also very inspiring...
This is elegant version of gothic woman, although her eyes look scary;-)This dress is posh and links to Tudor style, cause that specific collar
This is a modern version of gothic style. Pretty, humble and stylish. There is a good combination of few materials and it all creates an iconic dress. The model wears gentle make up and pretty hair style. It is girly and innocent look.
 Amy Lee. Simple, black and long, silky gothic dress. Smokey eyes and hair style, a long necklace. This is the image of the queen of gothic rock music.
 Amy Lee. Feminine and sexy gothic style.
 Amy Lee.White, black and red. I love these colors all together. White corset, black laces and red hair band. It just looks good and unique.

Natalie Portman. All in laces, all in black. Great make up. Fantastic photo from Marie Claire.
 Eva Green

 Cheryl Cole in Cannes

Friday, 14 August 2015

Holiday favourites

Hi! Recently I am in Poland. I discovered few good beauty products I want to share with you. 
At Stansted Airport I visited Estee Lauder section and found this BB cream with SPF 35. I checked ingredients and rubbed a bit of that cream onto my skin. It was a quick decision. I bought it. I am delighted. It is a good product, looking natural and giving my face a nice tan. It is only 15 ml, but I wanted something small for holiday with Sun protection. You can also purchase it in size of 50 ml.
Recently, I do not need a good face coverage, because products I use for cleaning and moisturizing my face are so good. I thought BB cream will be the best option.
Looking after your skin from inside. These capsules with hialuronic acid and colagen plus vitamins and minerals are good solution. Just one tablet per day. 30 tablets, cost 21 zl 

Something I got for my hair. It made my hair nice and soft. Cost: 8 zl from Rossmann
Hot cloth creamy cleanser from Liz Earle in 50 ml size. I take it with me everywhere I go. I took it to Ireland, Italy and now to Poland. Perfect face cleaning and good ingredients.
Polish tonic from Rossmann, very gentle and soothing. No alcohol, no parabens, good price.
Beyonce Heat body spray:-)
 Marie Claire with Natalie Portman on the cover. I red an interview with Natalie, her life in Paris.

 Great photos of Natalie:-)

My last book, I have been reading recently. The action takes a place in Norfolk, where I live. It is fascinating story of family's secrets...

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Visiting Gdansk

 My beloved Gdansk. My city, which opened the gates to my better world. The city, which changed me. I had to come back here to say 'Hello, I am yours, I am here.' It all happened more than seven years ago, when I arrived to Gdansk with nothing and left with ticket to my better future...
 Railway Station

 This view has not been changed since War World II. People can admire the same view for more than 70 years.
 The monument our great and beloved King Jan III Sobieski

 Every year in summertime Gdansk celebrate St. Dominic's Fair. This is tradition of this city.

 I always feel so good in Gdansk. I feel excited and happier, like home. I feel that I am connected with people around the world like in London or Paris. I feel like I belong to world...

 Yes, we do love Shakespeare:-)
 I just love the architecture of the city

 The fountain of Neptun
 This view, never forgotten

 Gdansk's Eye?:-)

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