Sunday, 2 August 2015

My monthly favourites: June-July 2015

I have few great stuff that I want to share with you. There are also some changes happened to me last months. I made decision not to go to Greece at the end of August. There are some personal issues, which made up my mind to cancel it. I will go to Poland instead. I will visit Poland twice in August.
I have not seen my family in Poland for more that a year and a half. This is too long...I miss them so much. Just a week left to go and visit my mum and grandparents. 
I am planning to go to Portugal on Madeira at the beginning of October. Why Madeira? It could be too cold for Greece in October, but still warm and nice for Madeira. My first idea was to go to Lagos in the south of Portugal, but few Portugal people, I know from work, said there will not be warm enough for relax on the beach. Portugal is lovely and I believe, I will spend a nice holiday there. I need a proper rest. I am feeling tired and I know, that I am looking tired. My last two holidays, one in April and one in June did not give me opportunity to have a rest. Instead, I was in rush to get to airports, did not have enough of sleep, caused of heat or simply stress. I was worried too much. I need to use my time off for relax and regeneration. I start from Poland...
Visiting Blickling with one of my friends. We had a picnic and walk around the gardens. This place makes me calm and I get back to myself...
Recently I wrote a poem about Blickling Estate. I have so much willing to write more and more...
about this place
Something, what replaces me a lack of Bioderma. This micellar water is almost as great as Bioderma. I t is gentle and effective. I will come back to it, I always do...
I can recommend something, which does not really need to be recommended, because it is well known. It makes my hair smooth and soft.
Something, which helps me be a bit darker;-) A great product from Palmer's. I used to have another body butter from Palmer's and I was very delighted. It is always nice to come back to it. Not expensive, caring for my skin, great ingredients and scent.
 My favourite UV protectors ever. I mix them to achieve an optimal colour matching to my skin tone.
 Back to mint...
 ...more mint...
...and even more
 I bought an iPad from Apple. I think it is the time for it, especially I travel and take lots of photos.
 My iPad mini 3 still in a package;-)
My new hat, I got from Jarrold for a half price! I am getting ready for hot Polish weather;-)
Yesterday, I walked through the Castle Mall. I stopped for a while to take a look at these pretty parrots and take some photos of them;-)

 Thank you for visiting<3

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