Thursday, 13 August 2015

Visiting Gdansk

 My beloved Gdansk. My city, which opened the gates to my better world. The city, which changed me. I had to come back here to say 'Hello, I am yours, I am here.' It all happened more than seven years ago, when I arrived to Gdansk with nothing and left with ticket to my better future...
 Railway Station

 This view has not been changed since War World II. People can admire the same view for more than 70 years.
 The monument our great and beloved King Jan III Sobieski

 Every year in summertime Gdansk celebrate St. Dominic's Fair. This is tradition of this city.

 I always feel so good in Gdansk. I feel excited and happier, like home. I feel that I am connected with people around the world like in London or Paris. I feel like I belong to world...

 Yes, we do love Shakespeare:-)
 I just love the architecture of the city

 The fountain of Neptun
 This view, never forgotten

 Gdansk's Eye?:-)

Thank you for visiting<3

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