Friday, 8 April 2016

Vitamin C - your skin protector

Why is the vitamin C so important to your skin? It has significant purpose for your skin condition, colour and youth. As a blogger, I mentioned in my posts about skin products with anty-ageing purposes. I studied researches on Internet about ingredients supporting human skin to regenerate and keeping young appearance. I mentioned and recommended hyaluronic acid as the one of the basic ingredients. The other one is vitamin C. The last skin protector on my list is SPF. This is all. Not many at all. Three important defenders for your skin.
 There are many products which contain all these factors. Recently, I bought and tested vitamin C moisturiser with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C from The Body Shop. It has not got SPF, but you can buy UV skin protector and apply it on the top of this cream or simply by using foundation with SPF.
The cream shown above is the one of my favourite creams. I like texture, smell and the way it works in my skin. The feeling of my skin is amazing. It wakes my skin up. High SPF protector and vitamin C are essential duet.
If you still have not got enough of vitamin C you can use it with your face wash from Soup&Glory. 350ml of that product will last for a very long time:-)

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