Thursday, 23 June 2016

In the land of fascinators...

I love fashion and accessories. Today, I met up with my friend and we decided to walk round the shops, particularly to find a certain type of dress for summer. We did not find any interesting one, but we found a huge range of hats and fascinators at Debenhams. This was a fun to try them on:-)
Below, I am showing you my favourite fascinators, I have tried on today:-)
Ready for Royal Ascot?

At least, I could feel like a duchess, wearing a gown and one of these stunning fascinators. I did not try any gown on, but I got a good sense of imagination, so it was not difficult to act as one:-)
I think, I will go for that
 Nice and posh
For a moment, I could feel like a real madame...
I like combination of black with other colours
If I was rich, I would buy all of them:-)

What is your favourite one?

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My perfume review - Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet was introduced in 2014 by Francois Demachy. This fragrance is an elegant composition of floral and mandarin essences with rose and musk accents.
It reminds me the first days of spring. It is a light fragrance, very feminine and refreshing. It brings softness and beauty to every woman wearing it.
The cover face of the Miss Dior collection campaign is Natalie Portman.

Composition of notes:

Top notes: Sicilian mandarin,

Heart notes: Pink peony, Damask rose, Apricot,

Base Notes: White musk.

Durability of fragrance:

This Eau de toilet lasts up to 4-5 hours.

Appearance of the bottle:

This fragrance has a beautiful and elegant bottle matching perfectly to the scent. It has the same shape as the other Miss Dior perfumes. Crystal square bottle with a silver bow creates a symbol of the Miss Dior perfume collection. Personally, I adore this appearance of the bottle. It looks awesome on my shelf!

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Relaxing massage body oil

This is my all time favourite massage body oil. It is from L'Occitane, it smells awesome and makes skin silky and smooth with radiant look. This was my gift to someone special and I know, it was a good choice:-)
This product is a combination of lavender and orange oils with some others. It smells gorgeous and brings extra indulgence to massage:-)
Excellent natural ingredients:-)

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Friday, 10 June 2016

No more bra-blems!

Did you ever think, how important bra is to you? Have you ever experienced any bra problems? I definitely belong to the category 'bra-blems.' Well, I did, but not anymore...

My major problem with bra were wires in cups digging in to my skin under breasts. It was causing pain and discomfort. It may also increase a risk of having a lump in breast. I was aware of this, so I decided to buy a sport bra and wear it for some time. I also found some cheap wireless bras and wear them occasionally, but they do not look good. Anyway, I chose comfort.
I thought, what else I could do to be able to wear a good looking bra with the bloody wires in and I tried ones with bigger cups on. It turned out that my boobs are not big enough to be held by them! I was so disappointed. I had to put much effort to find a right bra for myself. I did! Finally! The wires are smaller and do not dig in to my skin anymore, but I am aware of them as they still may cause discomfort.
Sometimes, I think that corset might be a better option for myself. Well, I am old-fashioned person and I love gothic style and corsets are definitely very much gothic!
The other problem, that I had were slipping straps! I have learnt from experience, that I have to tighten them regularly, because they stretch. In my opinion, it would be a good solution to have wider straps or less stretchy. The question is: Will bra still look ok with wider straps? I think, it all depends on design...
As everyone knows corsets have no straps, so there would not be a problem with slipping straps, but does every women trust them? I got impression, that by wearing them, we do not have to deal with slipping straps at this point, but in fact we may deal with slipping corset! It must be irritating to lift it up every 5 minutes! I got that image in my head of famous actress on a red carpet lifting her corset up! It just does not look good at all. 

I like corsets for the way how they look, but wearing them on daily bases could disturb and distract from our tasks. I would say, they still can be attractive and useful at certain situations!;-)
Coming back to the subject of bras, I would suggest to try them well before purchase. It may be crucial to see, if they fit perfectly and do not cause any discomfort.
What else may help is the fact you do not have to buy a sport bra to feel comfortable, because it has not wires in. You can find wireless bras. All you need to know is to search.
They can be wireless and pretty like this one above. 
I love laces. This one in the picture above looks innocent, beautiful and comfortable! Just like a dream bra!:-)

Now, I got simple guide for you given to me from ThirdLove to avoid bra-blems:-)

I got another thing for you, given from ThirdLove!
Visit their website and have a look round for a new perfect bra!
I got the promo code: BRABLEMS, which gives 15% off for entire order until the end of 2016!

Thank you for visiting and I hope, you enjoyed!

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

In the kingdom of earrings

 Earrings are my favourite part of jewellery. I have few rings and necklaces, which I wear sometimes on my days off work, but often forget to put them on. At work I am allowed to wear studs. I wear earrings every day, simply, because they add style, frame and shine to face and hair. The earrings below were bought after watching a film: 'Crimson Peak.'
 They are significant and match to any occasion. They bring a special charm and character to any outfit. They are the only piece of jewellery getting through our skin and stay in. They are symbol of pain in term of piercing, strength, bravery and culture. They are symbol of freedom.
I remember wearing earrings in my early 20-ties. They were long, heavy and had interesting designs and colours. I could not afford to buy real silver earrings that time.
 Some of the earrings I bought, because I got inspired by films. This ones above were inspired by one of my favourite films: 'Troy'
 Some of my earrings are just a great match to my clothes

 Crystals, placed near your skin, can change their colour, depending on your mood

Today, I can say that I have a nice collection of earrings, but I may still expand it;-)
People make me inspired to buy them, also places I visit and arts...
I am happier and more confident when I wear them. They are my talisman...

Thank you x

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My perfume review - Miss Dior EDP

Today, I am making a review of the bottle of perfume 'Miss Dior.'
At the beginning, when I tested this perfume I was not impressed at all, but I know that the first impression of any fragrance can not be crucial and our choice of perfume can not be based on a single test. In past I made mistakes by buying a bottle of perfume spontaneously and I learnt the lesson. I gave this fragrance few more chances, before I decided to buy it. I do not regret it.

Miss Dior is created for a young, playful woman, who enjoys freedom and love. She is elegant and charming, spontaneous and seductive.
This fragrance is fresh and intensive. It is great for spring and summer days.

Composition of notes:

Top notes: Italian mandarin
Heart note: Egyptian jasmine, rose
Base: Patchouli, musk.

Durability of fragrance:

This is intensive fragrance and long lasting. I can smell it on my skin up to 7 hours.

Appearance of the bottle:

I absolutely adore the look of the bottle. This was the one of the reasons, I was coming back and kept testing that fragrance. I really wanted to buy it, but knew that the appearance of the bottle can not be a reason for purchase it.
I would say, the bottle matches to the fragrance. It is elegant, pretty ad fresh perfume.

Thank you for visiting.

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Friday, 3 June 2016

My perfume review - Armani Code EDP

This perfume is one of my all time favourites! I fell in love with that fragrance few years ago and still love it as much as at the very beginning...
For the first time Armani Code was introduced in 2006. It was created by three perfumers: Carlos Benaim, Dominique Ropion and Oliver Polge.

How I would describe this fragrance is: fresh, warm, spicy, aromatic, elegant and long lasting. Absolutely astonishing composition of notes!
I would use it for evenings or winter. It definitely makes me feel relaxed, cheered up and confident. It makes me feel like a woman...

Composition of notes

The bottle of Armani Code contains the perfect combination of fresh orange blossom, spicy ginger and warm sandalwood.
Top notes: African bitter orange, Italian sweet orange, jasmine
Heart notes: Tunisian orange blossom, jasmine and ginger
Base notes: vanilla, honey, sandalwood

Durability of fragrance

This is a long lasting perfume. Once sprayed lasts up to 7-8 hours on my skin. I can sill smell it on my clothes on next day.

Appearance of the bottle

In my opinion the image of the bottle matches to the fragrance. It is dark and mysterious. The combination of colours: black on the top part of the bottle, then slightly becoming midnight blue to the light blue on the bottom gives the spooky impression of the fragrance. Black flowers on the side of the bottle brings gothic style to it. The shape of the bottle is simple, slender and easy to hold during application.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed.

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Frizz Ease hair finish serum review

 Hi everyone! Today, I am going to review my favourite polishing/finish serum. It is John Frieda Frizz Ease Perfect Finish. My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy, so I rely on products like this.
This product is full of silicone ingredients, but it is not a bad thing in term of finish look. We should only avoid silicone in shampoos and hair conditioners. Silicones, if used on dry hair, (never apply them on roots!) make them smooth and create isolation from negative influences of our environment. They build up a protective barrier for our hair.
My hair is smooth and shiny after using John Frieda Polishing Serum.

At the end I would like to clarify that all products I review on my blog are chosen and bought by myself. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Tisserand - my new beauty discovery

I often get inspired by people, places, art. I like spending time on walking around the shops, looking at their assortment and discover new products and brands. Few days ago I visited Jarrold. This shopping centre is different than John Lewis, House of Fraser or Debenhams. The atmosphere of that place is different, calmer, relaxed. The layout of assortment and products caught my eye. At Jarrold I have discovered cosmetic brands that I have not discovered anywhere else...
This time I am displaying two products of Tisserand. One of them is luxury bath soak. Another one is deodorant. Both in lavender aroma.
A lavender has great properties of calming, relaxing and killing a pain. It can be used also as an antibacterial alternative for wounds. These two products contain a blend of lavender with extracts from other plants. What else I like about these two products is the fact they are natural and smell awesome...
Most of deodorants contain aluminium, which prevents from perspiration. In fact, it is important to remove toxins out of our body by perspiration. Aluminium stops that process and this is harmful. This deodorant is also paraben-free product. Both cosmetics contain only natural fragrances.

Ingredients of the deodorant

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