Friday, 10 June 2016

No more bra-blems!

Did you ever think, how important bra is to you? Have you ever experienced any bra problems? I definitely belong to the category 'bra-blems.' Well, I did, but not anymore...

My major problem with bra were wires in cups digging in to my skin under breasts. It was causing pain and discomfort. It may also increase a risk of having a lump in breast. I was aware of this, so I decided to buy a sport bra and wear it for some time. I also found some cheap wireless bras and wear them occasionally, but they do not look good. Anyway, I chose comfort.
I thought, what else I could do to be able to wear a good looking bra with the bloody wires in and I tried ones with bigger cups on. It turned out that my boobs are not big enough to be held by them! I was so disappointed. I had to put much effort to find a right bra for myself. I did! Finally! The wires are smaller and do not dig in to my skin anymore, but I am aware of them as they still may cause discomfort.
Sometimes, I think that corset might be a better option for myself. Well, I am old-fashioned person and I love gothic style and corsets are definitely very much gothic!
The other problem, that I had were slipping straps! I have learnt from experience, that I have to tighten them regularly, because they stretch. In my opinion, it would be a good solution to have wider straps or less stretchy. The question is: Will bra still look ok with wider straps? I think, it all depends on design...
As everyone knows corsets have no straps, so there would not be a problem with slipping straps, but does every women trust them? I got impression, that by wearing them, we do not have to deal with slipping straps at this point, but in fact we may deal with slipping corset! It must be irritating to lift it up every 5 minutes! I got that image in my head of famous actress on a red carpet lifting her corset up! It just does not look good at all. 

I like corsets for the way how they look, but wearing them on daily bases could disturb and distract from our tasks. I would say, they still can be attractive and useful at certain situations!;-)
Coming back to the subject of bras, I would suggest to try them well before purchase. It may be crucial to see, if they fit perfectly and do not cause any discomfort.
What else may help is the fact you do not have to buy a sport bra to feel comfortable, because it has not wires in. You can find wireless bras. All you need to know is to search.
They can be wireless and pretty like this one above. 
I love laces. This one in the picture above looks innocent, beautiful and comfortable! Just like a dream bra!:-)

Now, I got simple guide for you given to me from ThirdLove to avoid bra-blems:-)

I got another thing for you, given from ThirdLove!
Visit their website and have a look round for a new perfect bra!
I got the promo code: BRABLEMS, which gives 15% off for entire order until the end of 2016!

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