Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Tisserand - my new beauty discovery

I often get inspired by people, places, art. I like spending time on walking around the shops, looking at their assortment and discover new products and brands. Few days ago I visited Jarrold. This shopping centre is different than John Lewis, House of Fraser or Debenhams. The atmosphere of that place is different, calmer, relaxed. The layout of assortment and products caught my eye. At Jarrold I have discovered cosmetic brands that I have not discovered anywhere else...
This time I am displaying two products of Tisserand. One of them is luxury bath soak. Another one is deodorant. Both in lavender aroma.
A lavender has great properties of calming, relaxing and killing a pain. It can be used also as an antibacterial alternative for wounds. These two products contain a blend of lavender with extracts from other plants. What else I like about these two products is the fact they are natural and smell awesome...
Most of deodorants contain aluminium, which prevents from perspiration. In fact, it is important to remove toxins out of our body by perspiration. Aluminium stops that process and this is harmful. This deodorant is also paraben-free product. Both cosmetics contain only natural fragrances.

Ingredients of the deodorant

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