Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to support your immune system

Today's article I am writing is for those people who are struggling with serious immunity problems, viral infections and also cancer.
I hope I can help you, by giving you important information about supplements supporting your immune system to fight against the most problematic diseases.
There are many fantastic natural options of supporting your immunity. You can easily purchase them from Holland&Barrett, grocery shop and pharmacy.
So let us see, what you can get to fight against infections, support your immunity and prevent from serious disease.

Echinacea is easy to purchase in form of tablets or liquid
 There is no doubt that Vitamin C supports immunity. By eating fruits and vegetables you can delivery this vitamin to your body. 
Cat's claw is known as medication against cancer.
 Ginger with lemon juice and honey. I use this drink for cold and throat infection. It tastes good, warms up and supports immunity. Ginger tea is effective detox drink and helps to bear with nausea.
One of the most effective immunological support elements! You can find it in curry! Indian cuisine is good for your health!
Cistus purpureus tea has antiviral purposes.

I have introduced you some immunity tools, so now you can try them and fight against all evil diseases:-) Good luck!

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