Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I say NO to vaccines!

I found the vaccines subject difficult and unpleasant. Mostly it is because we all became objects of vaccination through all our life and have different opinions and experience related to it.
After studying many articles and watched videos I say NO to vaccines!

I do not like being encouraged to take vaccine, but every year this subject comes back and annoys me.
I hope every person who decides to take vaccine is introduced to information leaflet about ingredients used to produce vaccine. Most of vaccines contain: mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde. Those elements may cause micro strokes to our brain. These substances are neurotoxic.

Most of vaccines are unnecessary given to newborn children, because they have not got their immunity formed yet and are protected by breastfeeding anyway. Many children after vaccine suffer with autism. In the USA everyone, who purchases vaccine, pays insurance in case he got post-vaccine side effects.

Vaccines are still subject of science.

Vaccines are not subjected to long term controlled tests like medications, so they are available for people after test on monkey by given vaccine. If blood tests proved that monkey's immunity produced antibodies to it, this is accepted for humans.

Vaccines may cause Alzheimer's disease. There are many suspects of causing other dangerous conditions, so why would people risk so much by getting vaccinated.

In my opinion vaccine distracts our immunity from real problematic infections, viruses and bacteria at certain moments when we get vaccinated, therefore lots of people get cold and infections after flu vaccine. Our immunity has also limits and when we get vaccine for another virus or bacteria we simply get our immunity weakened.

Lots of vaccines may contain dangerous animal's viruses, which may cause cancer.

Pharmacological company producing vaccine will not take responsibility for side effects caused by their vaccines and will not pay compensation for your health problem or death.
Vaccine business is huge and doing really well. They are mainly focused on financial aspect their activity. They will prompt and organise campaign to encourage as many people as they can to vaccine. Only you make decision!

Government is not allowed to force you to take vaccine. It is undemocratic and illegal to force someone to take vaccine or punish for declination.

Please, remember!
There is no proof that vaccines is effective and there is no proof that it is safe.

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