Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Inspiring movie fashion

Films are inspiring. One of the aspects, I keep my eye on, when I watch them is fashion. Drama, history and dark story films are rich in fashion and enchain. Fashion and accessories are crucial for film production and have significant impact on actors' performance. 
Choice of colours of my dresses and their style is often based on film that inspired me. 
For past two years, I bring my fashion inspiration from two productions. One of them is 'Crimson Peak.'
 Jessica Chastain wearing beautiful red wine gown

 Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain

 I love the colour and style of this long dress

Another production, which makes me very inspired is famous TV drama: 'Game of thrones.'
Astonishing styles and compositions of colours of gowns, wearing by actresses on set, make me feel so inspired. Costumes in this fantastic TV production improve the quality, make women inspired and are among those stuff, that people cannot take eyes off.
The costumes empower their characters them and add charisma to their expressions.
 Lena Headey on set of 'Game of thrones'

Emilia Clarke

Sophie Turner

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