Saturday, 13 May 2017

May day in Somerleyton

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

How to travel alone...

I have come here with idea, which was living in my head for many months. I think it is need for giving people advise how to travel alone, especially to lone travelling women...

1. You need a map -  make sure you plan your journey well ahead. You need to choose places you want to see and you need to plan how to get them. How are you going to come back to your hotel and how long will it take? How long will take to visit those places? It is good idea to have guidance attached with the map. Information about local shops, restaurants and bars would be very useful.
2. Handbag wearing across the body - keep your money and documents safe. Keep any photo ID with you in case of any accident. Keep your important belongings on a side of your bag, closer to your body.
3. Proper outfit - especially ladies should be mindful of clothes they wear. Lone travelling lady should avoid shorts and tight tops. I would recommend to cover arms and do not expose body shape. It is good idea to keep your hair up and if necessary to wear hat or hairband. Sunglasses will cover your exotic blue eyes when you travel alone to African countries and keep you away from poking by local men.
4. Be unapproachable - if you travel to exotic country, remember that, nice and smiley lady is always easy to approach and start conversation. Do not make any friends on lone holiday. You do not know anybody and do not trust anybody. You do not go out for a drink with unknown person and do not let anybody to show you round. If you need help, search online or ask other tourist.
5. Be confident - Do not show anybody that you got lost or it is your first visit to that country. You need to be aware of taxi drivers too. Some of them may use fact that you are lone tourist and charge you more.

Remember, in some countries tourists are main source of economic development. They are treated as rich people, because poor ones cannot afford to travel, right? Those nations may not know middle class at all, because in those countries middle class does not exist.

Stay safe and enjoy your wonderful journeys.
Summer is coming...

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Monday, 1 May 2017

Spring shopping - End of April

 I love buying cosmetics. Shopping is therapeutic for me. It calms me down and makes me feel...special.
Yesterday, I decided to go to the city for shopping and I got some nice beauty products...
 I got often dark circles under my eyes, so I though it is worth to try to get rid off them

 I wonder, why this girl in the picture looks so sad;-)
 I have tried this mask and it is awesome, just after one use I can feel and see a difference.

 This perfume reminds me of my work colleague, Clara. She liked me wearing this one.
 I love bath salt, especially with lavender.
Something from France;-)

All of these products above were purchased at TK Maxx

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