Thursday, 24 May 2018

A Short Story Of The Long Royal Veil

The cold facade of the British Monarchy finally began to melt like ice.
Harry and Meghan turned that process on and continue to carry it on beautifully and magically.
There is so much dignity, love, respect, class and modesty in their attitudes. Now, my heart is melting too. It began to melt on The Royal Wedding Day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

I got nearly cried as it was difficult not to. 
In front of two billion people around the world, a young and exquisite woman stood in the most humble and elegant dress, that we could not ever imagine. I just could not believe it was happening...not to the Royal Family! 
I was profound touched and nearly end up with tears. It took me few days to share with you my thoughts about that wedding dress.
This wedding dress was carrying a symbol. A symbol of modesty and what is more important, 
a symbol of change. A good change. 
The main role in Meghan's wedding outfit was playing her veil. It included national flowers from the fifty three countries of the Commonwealth. This is truly fantastic symbol and message to the World.
Meghan's wedding dress was not for fashion show or vanity fair. It represented unity, love and tolerance.
They both have been strongly involved in various charities for many years, so they were extremely delighted to welcome on their Wedding Day those people, whom they helped or continue to do so.
Someone called that Wedding Day 'a spectacle.' It was not a spectacle, but the event of Unity and Change, where all World got invited to witness.
The veil was also carrying Botswana's national flower.
Under that country's sky, Harry and Meghan's love was born...

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