Monday, 27 August 2018

The end of Summer 2018

August has been definitely the most happy month of this year for me. I have achieved GCSE in English - my long term dream came true! In September, I will be back at the College for GCSE maths course. It will be fun, meeting new people, refreshing my skill in maths.
This year, I haven't been abroad, but I miss Poland and would love to go to Kracow with my partner. From Kracow we would take a train to Gdansk and then to Rumia to visit my family.
Poland is so beautiful and developed much last years. I am so touched by this transformation.
 This summer I explored Wells and enjoyed time on a little steam train

This year again, I was fighting anxiety and angina and I can admit that I finally got much better. I know, that it would be beneficial to you if I write a post or article about my battle with depression and how it is to experience it. How to find help and how to fight it by using therapy.
I am shocked every time, when I read how many people struggle with depression, suicidal attempts, anxiety and break down.
Depression is a dangerous evil and it becomes epidemic. We can conclude or debate about causes of it. I know answers to majority questions. My experience with this horrible conditions began when I was just 5 years old and witnessed my mum's own suffer.
The end of Summer may sound nostalgic. Not for me. Yesterday, it was raining heavily all afternoon and I was happy like a bunny in the ash, cause of my passed exam! Nothing is able to take my joy away from me at the moment. I love English weather, rain, cloud, sunny spells. With the weather, the magic atmosphere comes, leaves can dance, touched by the wind and the Sun strikes its golden beams through the swimming clouds. It's time for meditation, burning candles and drinking hot chocolate. It's time for theatre and long walks in forest. Time for snuggling into a cat and watching 'Game of thrones.' 

Monday, 28 May 2018

My GCSE Adventure

Sometimes someone, whom we see occasionally or even less than that (in my case once in a couple of months) may change your life for good or at least help you a lot. This person suddenly appears, gives you just one advice, turns you into right mode and disappears. After that you are left in a better state than you were found, with your head full of hope and set up for a proper direction.
This is how I feel about meeting Emilia at work one day.
I was considering doing ILETS to study in future, but I found it expensive (70£), risky and without teacher, who could guide me through the preparations. I know that most of people fail their first attempts to ILETS. I am not surprised, because having a teacher is a crucial element in learning foreign language, especially for ILETS.
So that day, when I met Emilia at work I asked her if she had passed her IELTS to get on to University.
I knew, she was born outside UK and has been studying nursing in the UK for some time.
She replied: 'No, I've got GCSE.' She advised me not to do ILETS, but recommended to do GCSE instead.
Emilia made my day and she made up my mind! Next day, I chose to sign up for GCSE at the City College Norwich. I got my interview in few days and received my badge...and did not pay any money!
I though, how lovely it would be to go back to school and feel (become) young again!
Why did I choose City College?
I have got very positive reminiscence of ESOL course, which I completed at the College in 2009.
I believed and trusted that I would have another amazing English teacher, who would guide me to the final exams.
Now, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my passed year at the college. My GCSE course was interesting adventure and fun!
I have met fantastic people in my classroom, also some foreigners like me!
What I found remarkable and effective in my learning was Actively Learn website, introduced by our teacher. I could practise English for GCSE and receive regular feedback from our teacher. It was great way to learn at home. It was particularly helpful for me as a foreigner.
I am excited about GCSE exams and I am looking forward to them. I am ready to face them with my brand new black pen, I bought especially for this special event!
I know that GCSE course was one of the best choices I have made in my life. We should be proud and happy when we make best choices. So next year, I'll come back to the City College for GCSE Maths course!
I feel like I should invite Emilia for a dinner next time when I see her.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

A Short Story Of The Long Royal Veil

The cold facade of the British Monarchy finally began to melt like ice.
Harry and Meghan turned that process on and continue to carry it on beautifully and magically.
There is so much dignity, love, respect, class and modesty in their attitudes. Now, my heart is melting too. It began to melt on The Royal Wedding Day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

I got nearly cried as it was difficult not to. 
In front of two billion people around the world, a young and exquisite woman stood in the most humble and elegant dress, that we could not ever imagine. I just could not believe it was happening...not to the Royal Family! 
I was profound touched and nearly end up with tears. It took me few days to share with you my thoughts about that wedding dress.
This wedding dress was carrying a symbol. A symbol of modesty and what is more important, 
a symbol of change. A good change. 
The main role in Meghan's wedding outfit was playing her veil. It included national flowers from the fifty three countries of the Commonwealth. This is truly fantastic symbol and message to the World.
Meghan's wedding dress was not for fashion show or vanity fair. It represented unity, love and tolerance.
They both have been strongly involved in various charities for many years, so they were extremely delighted to welcome on their Wedding Day those people, whom they helped or continue to do so.
Someone called that Wedding Day 'a spectacle.' It was not a spectacle, but the event of Unity and Change, where all World got invited to witness.
The veil was also carrying Botswana's national flower.
Under that country's sky, Harry and Meghan's love was born...

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Sunset in Burnham Market

I love Norfolk. When I was 11 years old, I knew I would move to England. I did...13 years later...
 Why England? There is something special about this country. Landscape, people, language, Royal family, This is kind of magic land I wanted to live in...
This place is full of inspirations. If I was rich, I would be a film producer...Honestly, I would find here amazing places so easily and create scenarios.
I still explore Norfolk. This is my first time in Burnham Market. Apparently Johnny Depp has his own house here.
Sometimes, I feel like a gypsy girl. I have no own house, but find many places...and all those places I could call my home...

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