Sunday, 29 March 2015

An open letter to heaven

Dear Lord,

Save us from flood and fire,
All nasty people and fatal desire,
Insane fanatics and suicidal pilots,
Safe us from thief, hijack and riots.

From all kinds of flu and fever,
Any disaster, storm and scary evil,
Broken airplane and high cost,
Poisoned food, delay and getting lost.

Dear Angel, keep it all away from us,
Now, I need to get ready for a bus.

My Guardian Angel,
You are very welcome to join us
on our journey to any place we go.

Yours forever faithful poet,


Thank you for visiting xx


  1. Oh! Là! Là!
    Que c'est beau!
    I like it...THANKS VERY MUCH for sharing this marvel, fellow poet!
    Almost a prayer...God bless you.

    1. Thank you darling, God bless you too xxxx