Saturday, 30 May 2015

Getting ready for Rome...

I am very excited about going to Rome! Just a week left to go! I got a last minute travel companion. She is also Polish and she longs for travelling. I became a travel addict. Recently, every day, I look for cheap flights with hotels to many places across the globe! Thank you After Italy and Poland, I am planning to go to Portugal and Czech Republic this year. Next year, I am planning to go to Greece. I wish, I would go to Dominican Republic as well. My plans may change. It all depends on offers, I receive.
 I visit Blickling Hall quite often. Every month I am there. This is my place. I like a little shop inside the estate. I wanted to buy a candle recently, but the building was closed, just restaurant was open. The candles look so nice. The candle holders are filled with flowers in the glass. I saw two different types of decorations. Ones with beach flowers.
 I was always a big fan of travelling to the cities full of history, monuments and beautiful architecture. I still admire it. Fact is, I am going to Rome and that city is so rich with history and ancient objects. Recently, I am also thinking about the ocean, beach and palms. Tropical places like Dominican Republic could be amazing. Anyway, this year, I will be by the ocean in Portugal, in place called Lagos. Beaches there are wonderful.
 On my last visit, the Blickling Hall was closed.
 Nice views around the estate. Cows on fields:-)
On my last pay day, I treated myself at Café Rouge in Norwich. Sometimes, I love eating vegetarian meals...
 Bonno is having his own feast:-)
 Home made dinner:-)
Time to go to sleep:-)

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