Saturday, 23 May 2015

Inspirations of May 2015

I am preparing myself to go to Rome at the beginning of next month. I am feeling so excited. May brought me a lots of inspirations and motivation. I visited Northampton last week as a part of my work. I took a part with Race for Life and I am raising money for Cancer Research UK, which I am so proud of. Recently, I am studying, planning and organising my trip to Italy.
Studying a map of Rome at Starbucks;-)
Curly hair...
This dress reminds me of summer, Italian sun. I can't wait to put it on. I got it from Debenhams. It truly made my day:-)
Bonno is having his afternoon nap:-*
Oh, Rome...
It was a very important event this month. We are raising money for Cancer Research UK.
Goodbye Bioderma, welcome L'Oreal! This product is as good as Bioderma...and it is available in the UK's drug stores!
L'Oreal make up products
Greek inspiration;-)
My friend brought these chocolates for me from Kenya:-)
Fitting room photo session:-)

On my trip in Cromer...
Mother's day soon in Poland...

Thanks for visit:-)

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