Sunday, 19 July 2015

Awaking at Blickling Hall

 After years spent in the darkness of my mind
on wandering in the forest without soul
where is no wind no sound
time to wake up has come
After those years lost
on hiding myself
in the evil garden
where is no fountain no bird no flower
I am standing here in front of you
my Blickling Hall
My life was never ending winter
frozen and blind
that dream has to be interrupted
to open my eyes
Now I am walking
in your enchanting garden
with the fountain full of light
finding home of my future life

I am watching you after all
writing a poem for you
my Blickling Hall
Yesterday is the past
of my lonely land
where I was only wandering
and searching for light
there was no bed no dawn
so please pull me back 
to the ground
Let me come in and close the door
Let me stay in and become yours
Let me haunt you forever
Let us be here together
Forever lasting twilight
has been broken
Dawn has been chosen
One more room inhibited
The awaken has been admitted.


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