Wednesday, 8 June 2016

In the kingdom of earrings

 Earrings are my favourite part of jewellery. I have few rings and necklaces, which I wear sometimes on my days off work, but often forget to put them on. At work I am allowed to wear studs. I wear earrings every day, simply, because they add style, frame and shine to face and hair. The earrings below were bought after watching a film: 'Crimson Peak.'
 They are significant and match to any occasion. They bring a special charm and character to any outfit. They are the only piece of jewellery getting through our skin and stay in. They are symbol of pain in term of piercing, strength, bravery and culture. They are symbol of freedom.
I remember wearing earrings in my early 20-ties. They were long, heavy and had interesting designs and colours. I could not afford to buy real silver earrings that time.
 Some of the earrings I bought, because I got inspired by films. This ones above were inspired by one of my favourite films: 'Troy'
 Some of my earrings are just a great match to my clothes

 Crystals, placed near your skin, can change their colour, depending on your mood

Today, I can say that I have a nice collection of earrings, but I may still expand it;-)
People make me inspired to buy them, also places I visit and arts...
I am happier and more confident when I wear them. They are my talisman...

Thank you x

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