Monday, 28 May 2018

My GCSE Adventure

Sometimes someone, whom we see occasionally or even less than that (in my case once in a couple of months) may change your life for good or at least help you a lot. This person suddenly appears, gives you just one advice, turns you into right mode and disappears. After that you are left in a better state than you were found, with your head full of hope and set up for a proper direction.
This is how I feel about meeting Emilia at work one day.
I was considering doing ILETS to study in future, but I found it expensive (70£), risky and without teacher, who could guide me through the preparations. I know that most of people fail their first attempts to ILETS. I am not surprised, because having a teacher is a crucial element in learning foreign language, especially for ILETS.
So that day, when I met Emilia at work I asked her if she had passed her IELTS to get on to University.
I knew, she was born outside UK and has been studying nursing in the UK for some time.
She replied: 'No, I've got GCSE.' She advised me not to do ILETS, but recommended to do GCSE instead.
Emilia made my day and she made up my mind! Next day, I chose to sign up for GCSE at the City College Norwich. I got my interview in few days and received my badge...and did not pay any money!
I though, how lovely it would be to go back to school and feel (become) young again!
Why did I choose City College?
I have got very positive reminiscence of ESOL course, which I completed at the College in 2009.
I believed and trusted that I would have another amazing English teacher, who would guide me to the final exams.
Now, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my passed year at the college. My GCSE course was interesting adventure and fun!
I have met fantastic people in my classroom, also some foreigners like me!
What I found remarkable and effective in my learning was Actively Learn website, introduced by our teacher. I could practise English for GCSE and receive regular feedback from our teacher. It was great way to learn at home. It was particularly helpful for me as a foreigner.
I am excited about GCSE exams and I am looking forward to them. I am ready to face them with my brand new black pen, I bought especially for this special event!
I know that GCSE course was one of the best choices I have made in my life. We should be proud and happy when we make best choices. So next year, I'll come back to the City College for GCSE Maths course!
I feel like I should invite Emilia for a dinner next time when I see her.

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